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Mz XP Tweak is a utility that helps optimize your PC
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Mz XP Tweak is a utility that helps optimize your PC. It integrates a set of tools to optimize the system, CPU, and disk performance. Some of them require little or no knowledge, while some others have options that require some understanding.
The main window will let you check the components to optimize with just a few clicks. While the main window lets you optimize your system, there are some tools to perform those optimizations with more options available.
Mz CPU Accelerator will increase performance of foreground tasks by setting a higher processor priority.
Mz Game Accelerator performs optimization to play games faster. This tweak stops unnecessary services, cleans and defragments RAM, and assigns more processor power to the game, moving all other tasks to the background.
Mz Power Manager is a utility to manage power consumption of portable PC's (laptops, notebooks, netbooks). It offers some options to make the battery power last longer and monitor the amount of charge available.
Mz RAM Booster helps optimize the memory performance. It unloads unnecessary files and defragments loaded ones.
Mz Services Manager offers an easy interface to optimize services running. You can enable or disable some services, or you can perform a delayed automatic start for some services to decrease boot time.
Mz Registry Backup and Optimizer let you optimize the registry to make the system run smoother and faster. You can create a backup of the registry, so in case something goes wrong you can go back to the previous state.
Mz Shutdown Scheduler is a tool for turning off your PC whenever some conditions previously set are met. You can program an automatic shutdown after some time, when a program finishes its duties, and more.
Mz StartUp Manager lets you choose what programs you wish to load on startup, and what other programs need to be disabled in order to speed up Windows boot time.
Mz Ultimate Cleaner frees up some valuable space in your disk by deleting junk and temporary files. Mz Ultimate Booster integrates all other tools into a single-click utility.
Windows XP
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher

Misael Aguilar
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  • Offers full optimization of system, CPU and HDD
  • Reduced boot time
  • Perceivable processor optimization


  • Some optimizations require knowledge
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